Chicken Squisher
A satirical Facebook game that makes light of all the various elements and mechanics on social gaming.
Creative Direction, Game Design, Programming
  • Chicken Squisher
    Satirical Facebook Game
  • The whole idea behind this game from initial conception was to create a game that breaks down social gaming to its most basic elements, make fun of it, and succeed.  For me, it was my first hand at a typical Facebook game so it was a new way to think about mechanics.

    In some ways I walked the line between Game Designer and Product Manager.  As a designer I wanted to create a good product that lived up to be a satire.  On the other hand, it quickly became about finding ways to understand and guide players to maximize interest in specific elements for the purpose of success.

    Oh, I also coded the whole thing.  Definitely pushed my knowledge of Flash a significant amount and I learned a great deal more than I have in recent years.  I loved the opportunity to try and deal with so many elements.

    Tools: Flash, ActionScript, Flash Builder, Facebook API, PHP, JavaScript, SQL
  • User Interface
  • There were a number of revisions for the interface.  A lot of planning and maximizing our space to make sure the player would go to what we want, easily remember how to get what information they need, and not overwhelm them with too much information.

    It also involved a lot of going into Flash and setting up assets while having to speak with artists on getting everything setup.

    Tools: Flash, Flash Builder, PhotoShop, Fireworks, Illustrator
  • Chickens
  • One of the largest points had to become the chickens.  We went through quite a few concepts and used community input to finally settle on the base design we went with.  Since then, it's all been history.

    I came up with some of the initial concept ideas for chicken types, and worked with artists to bring those chickens to life.  Working with an editor we put together, I've also been making a few personal custom ones that we then made available.

    Tools: Flash, PhotoShop
  • Memes
  • In an effort to try different ways of advertising I made a few different memes that could be spread around on the internet.  Some of these are also part of a potential plan to release with items on CafePress.
    Developed presentations to showcase progress and plans to interested parties and for pitching the game features.

    Tools: Fireworks, PhotoShop