Blazing 7's Casino Slots

Classic Las Vegas three-reel slots, and even now among the most popular in casinos.

Developed various features and components for the game, including online board games and competitive tournaments for players to compete online. As necessary, I created new tools for tracking changes and for adding functionality into the game. Updated documentation to match changing procedures and standards.

Blazing 7's Slots

Took part in design sessions and meetings for best integration and presentation of new features. Oversaw development and application of the analytics tracking in the game, working with analysts and product managers to ensure we're tracking all necessary information.

Cross-developed for web and for mobile devices. Implemented changes to features as necessary for best application on the respective device. Handled workflow changes from mobile versus Facebook as well.

Daily Bonus

Developed components for handling animations in-game, and handled application of art assets into them. It included syncing art assets, special controls for user-input, and effects through mixed art assets.

Added art assets into the game and handled their setup. Working with artists, setup the animations and effects for components on features, and then built controls in code.


Engineered key features in the game, including gifting, inviting, and bonuses, taking charge of all functionality with them and integrating it across the game. Communicated with other developers (front-end and back-end) for adding systems as necessary for these features in other areas to create a unity.

For special features I developed content based on licensed-products. Iterated on these based on test and license-holder feedback. I would build the entire project and integrate into the final game.


Stepped in to develop on an existing code base, adding custom tools and updating content for new standards.