Chain Shooter

Top-down shoot'em up game designed to teach and reinforce math concepts related to order of operations and expressions.
Demo Trailer

Mapped out visual drafts of the levels and enemy formations using Fireworks and PhotoShop. Working with engineers, setup parameters for adding randomness to enemy movement patterns. Using Torque, integrated that functionality into levels.

Led design and production meetings throughout development. Handled SCRUM updates and tracking of milestones and goals for designers, artists, engineers, and outsourced talent.

Dimension Sizing

Developed user interface elements with Fireworks and Illustrator. Implemented the UI into the Flash prototype and official game version engine.

Prototyped the game mechanics and systems with Flash and ActionScript. Constantly iterated on them to best suit teaching the educational content, and allowing for varying player skill levels. Then built an XML parser for tweaking values live in the game for testing purposes.

Action Screen Shots

Worked heavily with artists to establish the look and feel of the game world. Designed the story and lore for the aliens and characters in the game world. Planned out enemy types with artists in working to create the ships which would fit into the game world.

Later worked on integrating them into the game world and setting up their animations in the engine. Also hooked up attacks and balanced AI with player abilities.

Graphic Style