Dragon Age II (Mods)

A series of mods to add companions into the Dragon Age II video game (PC and Xbox 360).

As someone who had played the previous entry in the series, Dragon Age: Origins, it was a desire to do some of my favorite modding: additional companion characters. It was already going to be a detriment as I was using an Xbox 360.


Additional Companion

From toying through libraries and data blocks, I was able to find a way for manually adding another companion for the player's party. Then I had it working on Xbox 360 easily.

Multiple Additional Companions

I made certain it was possible to customize the class and attributes of the characters so they can be created and develop as any other party member in the game.

Additional Companion Abilities

From there, I went online to also share it for PC players and show them how to get it setup. Working with others, I was able to expand on that for PC, finding ways to add an additional three characters beyond the single one. It was great to see others getting to experience a more interactive party group.

I created a tutorial outlining the process for PC and Xbox 360.