Fortune's Prime

Educational card game where players learn concepts about prime numbers and how to identify them.
Demo Trailer

Scripted in-game UI events and sequences using Torque 2D Game Builder. Also scripted the tutorial scenario into the game. When needed I scripted optimization issues with the game in Objective-C.


Led the design and production for the project. Handled status updates and milestone tracking, maintaining an AGILE development. Tracked performance and mapping out of tasks for sprints.

Communicated with artists and programmers and setup the content pipeline for bringing assets into the game engine.

Fortune's Card Deck

Designed out and prototyped the card game using actual cards. Then went into Flash and used ActionScript to prototype the digital version of the game and lay it out.


Worked with artists to establish the look of characters and the cards themselves. Wrote the narrative for the game world and script dialogue.