Fraction's Kitchen

Create a five-star restaurant by solving mathematical obstacles and through unique mini-games to create signature recipes.
Demo Trailer

Led the design and production teams, working with them to nail down the mechanics for the game and best practices to teach the required material. Communicated between artists, engineers, producers, and outsource clients the content pipeline. Organized and presented the game materials at trade shows and for management teams.

Mini-Game Screens (1)

Setup the schedule for tasks and milestones on the project. Oversaw stand-ups and maintained the development flow of the project.

Scripted and planned for future updates and downloadable content.

Mini-Game Screens (2)

Created wireframes for user interface and menu elements using PhotoShop and Illustrator. Implemented finalized elements into the Torque game engine.


Handled planning for elements specific to the Lite version of the game. Scripted access restrictions and unlocks that could then work with the main game once purchased.

Demo Mini-Games

Designed the original puzzle mechanics exclusive to the demo. Created and led the development of seven downloadable content packs.