Unity 2.5D platformer Global Game Jam 2013. Players control Tessie, a little robot out to recover her missing heart.
Gameplay Trailer

Tessie is the little robot on a journey to recover her missing heart. Along the way, she needs to charge herself to keep running until reaching it. Trouble is, the more energy she charges, the more dangerous the hazards in her path.

Level 1 Layout

I worked on laying out the levels in the game, starting out on paper to set the flow and progression.

Level 2 Layout

Working on the team we would split up certain parts and then iterate on the level as a whole to ensure a solid flow through the game.

In-Game Level

And then in Unity I handled the assembling of art assets and placing objects in the engine to create the layout. I also handled applying physics and scripts to the objects depending on usage and placement in the level be it hazards, scenery, interactive segments, etc. It was a great experience as it was my first time working with the Unity engine.

Level Ending

Alongside artists, imported assets into the game, including the main character. Connected animations and textures to objects from within Unity, setting up the characters and attaching scripts to them.

Title Banner

Several types of level layouts were designed as we tested what would work best for the game and how to best organize objects.