Madden NFL 15

Welcome to the Madden Season! Own your rivals on both sides of the field in Madden NFL 15. (2014)
Gameplay Trailer

I worked on the scripting and integration of UI/UX elements throughout the game. Using PhotoShop, I cut up assets and handle their importing into the game engine. Then using Flash I setup the animations (as needed) and layout the elements for screens. Once that's all done, I use ActionScript to setup the functionality and interactions for the user experience.

Kick Meter

Some of the work I did was with banners and screens that display pertinent information to the user. These required complex and intricate animations (both intro and outro) which were done with a mixture of Flash, and in code with ActionScript. As such, I worked on creating custom components and elements that could be reused throughout the game.


On several new features I worked closely with artists to make edits and changes when necessary to improve visual elements and increase the effectiveness of user feedback. Also did a great deal of troubleshooting and testing to make sure new features worked properly on multiple game modes and scenarios.

Matchup Stick

With some other features I worked closely with engineers as they were brand new and required fine-tuning. Constant testing led to design changes throughout development as well, requiring quick turnover to improve and make adjustments while still meeting milestone deadlines.

MUT Social Menu

For the game I worked on multiple platforms and console generations. These include Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. At several times this required testing on each platform and ensuring the same experience for all of them, while still making distinct considerations for different user experiences in each.

Generation 3 Menus

At times I would work on editing internal proprietary tools to fix functional issues and create updates for new features as they develop.

Player Intro Animation

Working in proprietary animation tools, I setup various scenes for the game, including importing of the art assets into the engine. Scripted functionality and controls with objects in scenes.