NBA Live 15

These are the freshest ways to play ball. Dynasty, Rising Star, and more. Build the perfect dream LIVE Ultimate Team. (2014)
NBA LIVE 15 Visuals Trailer ft. 2 Chainz.mp4
Visuals Trailer

Scripted and developed components for the user interface and user experience all across the game with ActionScript and internal tools. Assembled assets in PhotoShop and then integrated them into the engine. From there I connected to them and coded their functionality, and constructed animations with the assets.

Player Grading

Built custom object and components for rendering data to the player. Also updated existing components, ensuring they adhere to necessary features in the game, and adding functionality as necessary. Made them accessible for universal access in other sections of the game.

Ultimate Team - Active Line-up

Worked with other engineers on receiving and sending data back-and-forth for online play. Coded for potential issues that could arise from internet connectivity and handled the data display.

Simulate Game

Took ownership of developing various features throughout the game. Broke down tasks and planned how to execute them, taking into account art and engineering needs, as well as design review. Handled any iterations needs and updates as requirements changed or expanded during development.

NBA Rewind

Communicated with artists heavily on the design and layout of art on screen. Iterated as designs were updated, adding/changing functionality as well as art and animations to make the latest and greatest play experience.

Live Game

Constantly reviewed license-holder requirements to ensure we met their standards and requirements. Updated documentation with changes made to the game throughout develop when feature requirements were altered.

Head To Head Sessions

Regularly spoke with designers and producer owners to ensure layouts and animations met design requirements and expectations. Collaborated with artists as well to meet their vision for transitions and animations when setting them up in the game.

Rising Star

When setting up layouts I integrated calls for localization checks and took those into consideration for the placement of items on screen. Tested various languages for accuracy, and reviewed them with artists for best layouts. As necessary, worked with product owners and designers for the creation of new localization considerations based on the screen and meaning.