Order of the Abacus

Social world bringing together children to share and appreciate learning mathematics in a fun gaming environment.

I designed the game world and mechanics. Started out by drawing the level layouts, and working with artists to setup the look for them. Handled all design documentation for consistency across the team.

For level design, I drew out level layouts, and worked with artists on dress setting as well as perspective. Then went into Flash and prototyped movement between locations. Inside the engine, I setup triggers and scripted events as players moved around. The overall game world was wireframed and diagrammed for planning movement, and considerations for necessary activities to progress through the portal.

Dojo Environments

Worked with artists to nail down the look and feel for the avatar characters in the game, the Mini Ninjas. Designed out customization options for players, and various components that would be created and adapted to allow for uniqueness among each avatar.

In ActionScript, I prototyped the customization mechanics, and laid out the UI system for creating custom avatars. Organized and mapped a release system for rolling out signature characters for events and sub-games that would differentiate from player characters.

Character Customization

For the online web portal of the game, I designed and mocked out the layout, frameworking in PhotoShop and Fireworks. After approvals from pitching the design to executive, I scripted example of the interaction flow and worked with artists to begin creating art for the layout.

Web Portal

Served as the project manager, scheduling the development cycle for the portal, and setting up milestones for art and engineering to meet necessary deadlines. Then kept track of progress, maintaining an agile development team. Updates were presented to stakeholders during each sprint.

DLC Environments

Designed plans for integrating cross-communication between the game and other titles within the series. Worked closely with engineers on features for this, and scripted segments passing data from one to another.