Shades of Grey

Your shadow comes alive in this 3rd-person adventure. Use it to interact and battle the shadows of objects and enemies.
Pitch Presentation

Created and performed the initial pitch and presentation for the game. I handled all documentation for design and technical reference materials.

Game Intro Sequence

Planned out and storyboarded the game intro. I worked with other designers on editing the sequence, as well as importing the audio assets and voiceover work. Took part in the voiceover recordings, providing direction on delivery of dialogue, and on editing the VO in certain ways to achieve the effect necessary for non-human characters.

Environment Presentation Pitch

Organized and led a team of artists and animators on creating an animatic trailer for presenting the game to be used for pitching it to a larger team. Created storyboards for the scenes, and discussed the character details with each artist. Organized all the meetings for going over the trailer, and for planning out individual tasks.

Met with artists during development to go over specific animations and movements. Also worked in the motion capture studio to assist with performing actions for certain characters.

Style Guide

I worked closely with artists to define the style and palette for the game. We covered details about play experience, specific colors and tones, world design, and how it all plays with lighting and shadow gameplay.

Discussions heavily focused on how to get certain colors and mood to play out with the lighting considerations. Since there would need to be multiple light sources influencing different components depending on the source, they played a key factor in the overall design.

Pitch Concept

Detailed and planned elements with artists of the game pitch and necessary materials. Described out scenes and moments to capture in concept work and music.

Main Character Concept

I worked closely with concept artists and modelers on the details behind each character, and took part in the planning for all stages of their development. A great deal of iteration was done on key clothing choices and ways to display the personality of each character.

I wrote the overall story and lore for the game world. Also wrote the dialog and in-game text for scenes between characters. For consistency, I oversaw the documentation for character sheets, and developed reference materials for specific languages choices each character prefers based on circumstance.

Lantern Concept

Same amount of time and detail was spent on in-game features to create the history and lore for the game world. As such, a great deal of iteration took place for the characters, objects, and environments.

It required a great amount of documentation and planning to keep consistency throughout the project with each art piece. Even narrowing down matching textures for such a large team was challenging at first, and involved working closely as a team.

Logo (Black Background)

I designed the game's shadow mechanics, detailing how it works with lighting sources, enemy encounters, and puzzles. As part of that, I designed out various puzzles and how shadow play would be used in solving them. Also worked closely with artists on the design of environments and how to achieve the puzzles while still keeping true to the artistic vision for the world.

For reference, I looked at how The Legend of Zelda series handles puzzles based on various mechanics. Since the series uses various puzzle types in different ways, it was a great source of inspiration.

Logo (Transparent Background)