Wacko Koala

A parallax puzzle side-scroller. Each level of parallax has a koala with a different ability, and they all need to reach the end.
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During the design phase, we wanted to do a game that made use of parallax scrolling. I suggested the idea of having the same character on multiple levels of parallax, and each with a different ability. Then the idea of a koala just seemed cute and would have its own personality.

The project was intended to only last two weeks. It was our first test at a prototype as a group as we had not met before. I programmed the game, implementing features for level creation using XML, and setup the asset pipeline for artists to get their work into the game.

I also balanced the levels as they were built and tested them against the obstacles in the game to make sure players wouldn't become too frustrated. We want them to enjoy playing the game of course.

Level Playthrough

We ended up expanding on the game later, testing out what other platforms it would work well on. I ended up integrating communication with Facebook, Newgrounds, and Kongregate through their API's.

Also, using AIR, I was able to package a working version of the game for Android and iOS phone devices. Tilting the phone would move the character while tapping the screen would make the characters use their abilities. In testing it proved to be quite fun.

Start Screen

At FIEA, the game was recognized as the "First Penguin" in our year for its originality and attempt to do something different.


A viral campaign telling the story of a fictional research group performing tests on koalas. I planned out the campaign and mapped out its outreach and social media integration. It involved creating the social media presence as well as preparing release materials and detailed itemizing of scheduled public release information.

Wrote out and developed the story world to best fit with the medium. Also wrote the characters and their back-story.